Trump International Golf Club sign splattered with red paint by vandals

Somebody in West Palm Beach, Florida, took the expression “paint the town red” a bit excessively strict on Saturday night.

The passageway to Trump International Golf Club, the president’s course of the day while at the purported Winter White House in Mar-a-Lago, had new enrichment on Saturday evening as red paint splattered all more than one of the passage signs.

The red paint was hurled randomly on the left passage with a container of paint noticeable on the ground. It’s hazy precisely when the vandalism happened.

Two vans from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department were on scene examining the clear vandalism Saturday at around 10 p.m.

Neither the U.S. Mystery Service nor the sheriff’s area of expertise reacted to request from ABC News Saturday night.

Donald Trump spent Saturday at Trump International Golf Club, as indicated by the Tampa Bay Times, however it’s not clear in the event that he was on the course. Trump was at the club on Friday too. The president is normally undercover about whether he really hits the connections or not.

Fox News have Sean Hannity and PGA golfer Dustin Johnson invested energy with Trump at the golf club on Saturday also, as per Palm Beach Post columnist George Bennett. Donald Trump Jr. shared a photograph on Instagram of his girl Kai with Johnson, the present world No. 1 player and 2016 U.S. opener champ, on the course.

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